Training Workshops

Our Objectives are to:
To provide each participant with a basic understanding about customer service and how one goes about providing passenger care.
Emphasise the importance of personal hygiene and good grooming on the job.
Give a clear insight and understanding into how communication works and how to do it with confidence and flair.
Familiarize participants with basic courtesy in their environment.
To conscientize participants of road accident causes and ways to minimize the occurrences.


By the end of this training workshop , participants will:

  • Understand and apply customer care etiquette in their profession.
  • Treat and see passengers as valuable customers.
  • Understand and apply the importance of communication, developing and maintaining customer relationships.
  • Identify good grooming habits and present a positive, professional image (Dress the part).
  • Be aware of road accident causes and make it an individual’s responsibility to avoid them.
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