About Us

Our Objectives are:

Initiate conversations about the essence of the passenger care and quality service provision.

Raise awareness on passenger care and safety by offering training workshops to Public Transport Operators and holding campaigns with like-minded partners.

Advocate for continuous improvement towards a world class passenger service culture prescribed by the international standards.
Inspire and redefine the image of the public passenger transport, the taxi industry in particular.

Engaging with key role players to develop and empower change agents within the transport industry.
Inspire a discussions on moral, social and legal duty of care as a requirement among all motorist, public transport operators and drivers, that it their duty to ensure that passengers are safe at all times.

Raise awareness passenger transport industry of the importance of seeing, treating and caring for passengers as valuable customers.

Delight Your Passenger is a social responsibility initiative, established in 2013 by Ratile Research

About Ratile

The Key Stakeholders Include:

Public Transport Operators, Drivers, Taxi Associations, Commuters, Government Officials and Various Civil Society Movements.

Amongst its multiple focuses, the initiative collects information and record travel experiences as well as the service quality received by public transport users, these thoughts and gathered information, are contained in the book called ‘Delight Your Passenger®' (coming soon).